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Default Another Vue A/C Issue

I have a nice 2008 Vue (high mileage but great condition). I've seen similar issues mentioned in this great forum but I have not yet found one with a good solution. I do have slightly different details than I've seen and my situation is inconsistent...but consistent (weird, huh?). Fortunately, this only happens about once ever 4-6 weeks. However, when it happens, the pattern has been consistent. I would appreciate an input on how to diagnose/troubleshoot the possible culprit (ECU needs reprogramming, needs new climate control panel, needs new temperature sensor, etc.). So far, every time the issue has happened, this has been the situation. I'm in FL so it's been hot. Outside temp registered in the car looks OK.

Drive car 30-60 mins (A/C working). Park car for 6-8 hours. Start driving again. A/C works for ~10mins then quits. Fan still blows. Air flow automatically switches from recirculate to outside flow. Light is still on A/C switch. Push switch on/off. Light on dial flashes. Recirculate button flashes then goes back to outside flow. Drive home hot. Park car overnight. Start car next day. No A/C. After driving about 5mins, A/C comes on. Might work fine for 4-8 weeks, then it happens again.

Thoughts on what it is? How to diagnose/fix. I'm not an A/C guy but I can work on cars (remove and replace components mostly). If it's most likely something cheap like an outside temp sensor, I'll just replace it and hope. If it's most likely a $250-$500 climate control panel, I'd like to really make sure it's the issue before I replace it.

Suggestions/feedback/help greatly appreciated.. Thanks!


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