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2000 SC1
Default Re: getting a duplicate key made for 2001 Saturn SC2

I just had the local locksmith make a key off the vin for my 2000 SC1.
The local hardware store tied to duplicate them but the duplicate were questionable due to the master key being so bad. My key(s) was so wore out that it won't open the trunk and took a gentle touch to open the door, ignition was ok.
The locksmith took my info and cut the key. Took about 15 minutes (with interruptions).
Keys worked perfect! Opened all doors / trunk with out problem. Started car right off. And the key were as the OP described, regular steel / brass (whatever) flat with no plastic grab at the head. Cost was ~$45 for two keys.
I know, I could of gotten them cheaper off the internet, but I would rather do it face to face with the business doing it. And I picked a local locksmith with a very good reputation and 80 years serving locally.

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