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Originally Posted by alordofchaos View Post
I think I read (from OldNuc, maybe?) that they work fine until they fail.

They fail when hot, and letting it cool down means you can start the car again and it will run until it overheats again.

Also read that pushing the car so that one side is up on a curb gives you enough room to crawl underneath to change (fetchitfido, maybe?)

I've driven 2 Saturns daily for the past 9~10 years. Knock on wood, have yet to have one fail on me.

First Saturn, the silver one in the avatar pic, I drove for ~8 years and 100k miles (has over 200k miles on it, engine still runs great), AFAIK on the original CPS

Doesn't hurt to change it, and you can keep the old one in the glovebox for a spare
I am able to crawl under the car without a jack, as long as I remove the air dam and keep my head turned sideways. But when I do it at home I'll make sure it's jacked up and properly secured on stands. I thought about going through the top by removing the upper motor mount and trans mount to allow the engine to pivot far forward, but I haven't had the time to poke around yet.

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