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Default Re: Wheel Spacers

What wheels do you have?
I have a set of 17x8 et 32 and I still want a lot more wide, the front more so than the rear.

If you are interested I can sell you my eibach 15mm pro kits for cheap, I'm slapping some 8mms on and my car is on wobble bolts so I can't use them. The pro kit comes with extended bolts which you'll need for going with that thick of a spacer.

My current wheels stick out an extra 20mm from my stock 17" wheels and I'm still not 100% happy with how flush they are. That being said the astra's camber doesn't change when the rear compresses so you might not want to run too agressive.

car sans spacer, I'm going to do 8mm in the front, and maybe 5mm in the rear

For the astra since it uses bolts you have to get hubcentric ones or it'll be a PITA to get them on and it's safer that way too.

I should be getting 8mm's next week so I'll definitely post pics. But if you're running stock wheels, a 10mm is not going to cut it if you want dubber fitment.

That being said I put my 17x8 et 32 on a mkv gti yesterday and they poke quite a bit, sticks out I'd say somewhere between 5-10 mm. the astra can take a much wider wheel than the golfs. If you were thinking of getting some new wheels and really love the wide stance, I'd go with some 8.5" mercedes wheels with wobble bolts

Eibach 15mm 5x110 hubcentric spacers with bolts PM is key!

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