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Default Power Window Power Door locks Diagnosis

Hi guys, I'm a new Saturn owner here. Looking for some advice.

It seems the power windows are starting to work intermittently on my 2008 Aura 2.4L XE. I've read a few of the different posts trying to diagnose what might be happening, but I was wondering if anyone here had some advice for narrowing it down.

A few days ago the driver's side window got stuck half way down after being out running some errands. None of the other master controls for the windows worked. The passenger window control also did not work. Eeekk.

After waiting about 30 minutes, leaving the car parked at home, the driver's and passenger's windows worked immediately upon start up. I quickly put the windows back up thinking they might never go up again.

Over the last few days, a pattern emerges where the passenger's window control button might work most of the time, but the driver's window and rear windows will not respond from the master control or from their own rear controls / buttons.

None of the locking buttons on the inside of the car will respond - they appear to be inoperative.

The two front doors and sometimes the rear passenger door lock can be opened by the key fob, but the rear driver's door is inoperable from any of the fobs or controls.

All doors can lock manually and be opened from the inside.

The power sunroof appears to be working all the time.

Does this sound like a failing door or window actuator? Could it also be a door or window switch? I wouldn't think it was a fuse as fuses are either 'on' (good) or off (broken).

Are there any online resources (paid or free) for diagnosing these types of issues?

Grateful for any clues as to what I should look at first. Already spent $1,200 getting other issues fixed from the dealer, looking to save some labor costs.


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