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Default Replaced clutch - Now clutch pedal too light and engagement not correct

This is my friend's 2001 SL SOHC with approx 230,000 miles on it. We did an engine swap and figured we'd do the clutch while we were at it. The previous clutch worked fine (he says) but had 80,000 miles on it. The replacement is a LUK. We had the fly wheel resurfaced. The previous clutch job did not involve a fly wheel resurfacing (not that that matters, but I thought I'd include that).

So, we put it all back together. The engine runs great, but the clutch pedal feels too light (spongy maybe) and doesn't engage until it is almost all the way out. Also the short test drive confirmed that the engine rpm's want to rev up (clutch slipping) at anything beyond feathering the throttle.

We tested for clutch pedal (no floor mat to impede) travel = 4.5 inches at most (probably less). The clutch pedal is about even with the brake pedal when fully out.

We tested for slave cylinder (the original as far as I know) and it measures .375" travel.

We took care not to allow the piston (that mounts into the tranny) to go higher than the master cylinder during the work. I am pretty sure I installed the piston correctly back into the tranny with a 1/4 turn and positive "feel" about it.

So, what are our options.

1. A bad LUK clutch from Rock Auto = Doubt it!

2. Flywheel resurfaced (professionally) beyond minimum allowable thickness ending in throw-out bearing having to travel too far to fully engage clutch = Doubt it, but maybe possible.

3. Air in clutch slave hydraulic system = maybe but don't know how it got there, and the previous clutch supposedly worked fine before this swap.

4. Hydraulic piston assembly installed incorrectly = possibly

5. Bad hydraulic system and needs to be replaced = I think so.

6. Something I've missed...?

So, any ideas and/or confirmation to the faulty hydraulic system theory?

Edit: Forgot to mention that the replacement engine came out of a 2000 auto tranny car. We swapped flywheels. Is there any other issue with this (compatability-wise) even though we did swap the fly wheels?


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