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Default Re: Saturn SL2 High RPM's when switching gears

Originally Posted by marines079 View Post
I have a Saturn SL2 2001 and when I start the car the RPM's shoot to about 2000 then slowly falls to about 900 (standard idle). Then at times when I come to a stop the idle sits at around 1300 and I have to break or the car will creep up. Lastly, sometimes the car will spike to 3000 when I shift gears to park from drive.

First I took apart the throttle body to clean it and the IAC valve - no fix

Then I sprayed throttle body cleaner all around the manifold/throttle body/engine to see if there were any leaks and to see if the idle would change - no signs of anything (I also had a guy from advanced auto who knew more than me and he said he doesnt think it's a leak and he also doesn't think its the IAC valve because it holds an idle with no issue)

So I took it to a transmission shop thinking it was a tranny problem but they hooked it up and found no issues with my transmission. They said It had an EGR fault code on it.

Then they told me the EGR valve would cost me 300 and about 100 for labor. So I called advanced auto and ordered the exact part for 100 and I researched it takes 2 bolts to remove. Before I bought the part I took off my EGR valve to clean it and it wasn't HORRIBLE.

Should I just buy the EGR valve? I really don't want to waste 100 bucs on something I can just clean. The car is 11 years old but only has 115k miles on it.

This is NOT me or my car but my car does something similar: add this link to youtube dot com --> /watch?v=rToC4-we3K8

What else can I clean - What else should I trouble shoot before buying a new EGR valve?

THank you so much in advance for reading my car's life story. If you give me the right answer I'm sending you 5 bucs on paypal lol
Happened to the SL, but the RPM's wouldn't go down. What I did was this. First, look on the backside of the throttle body for two sensors that are hooked up, and unplug them. It should run kinda crappy, but your idle should be low. If this happens, it's one of those two sensors up there IAC and something else, and you get to play the game of figuring out which one.

For me, it was both. I know I replaced the IAC, and the EGR just gave up completely on life (kept jamming, even when I soaked it overnight) but I forgot the third one I replaced.

(I hope this makes sense, I'm really tired right now)

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