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Default Re: 19999 SW1 temp gauge behaving oddly after radiator replacement

No leak that you can tell, though, right now?
Originally Posted by Kaspar7 View Post
there is a sort of gurgling/hissing sound coming from the coolant recovery tank but I can't tell for sure if there is a leak there.
Tape a clean paper towel under the cap. If there is steam escaping, the towel will catch it and be damp after a drive.
Or spend $3 for the cap like underthehood suggested, but I'm a serious tightwad three bucks is three bucks!

I get gurgling occasionally on my '02, never had it in my '98, but no harm done after almost a year of driving it. It's coolant returning to the back of the tank from the hose (de-aeration line) at the back, that runs along the firewall to the intake nipple

Before the repair, (and after replacing the ECTS), the temperature gauge was consistently at 1/4 any time that the engine was warmed up. Now, the gauge goes up to 1/2 and sometimes a little over 1/2. . . .Mostly, I want to be sure that the car isn't running too hot.
the temp gauge is not a precision instrument, so running about 3/8~1/2 is "normal." You may not be really running hot at all.

For example: the temp gauge might show a tick over 1/4 in one Saturn, or it might show 1/2 in another, but the actual coolant temperature might be 205F in both cars

And as underthehood mentioned, the lower 1/4 reading may have been from low coolant, when you had the radiator leak. The ECTS is at a relatively high position in the cooling system

Best way is to check actual temperature by putting a thermometer in the return stream at the back of the surge tank/reservoir with the engine warmed up, or taking a live reading via OBDII if you have a reader that can see live data

I forgot (silly me!) to replace the thermostat while I had the hoses off. Maybe I should have done that - and maybe I will need to?
Probably not, t-stat in these cars will fail open, so is not the source of the problem (if there is a problem)

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