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Hola All

I went and did some Front Spoiler Research.

1. All front Spoilers "Split The Air" to be routed around the vehicle vs
the air being forced to be plowed/ shoved under the vehicle ( think of
a boat vs a ole style barge ).

This effect causes a higher top speed, a less fuel usage ( think of
any NASCAR - Drag - Rallye/ Sprint Vehicle ) and less having the vehicle
nose rise as speed increases ( this is what happed with The First Series
Dodge Charger's at NASCAR Races in 1966-67 ).

2. All Saturns that have a Front Spoiler have the same parts as non-
Front Spoilers other than four springs and the spoiler.

How effective The Saturn Front Spoiler towards a "Saturn" MPG Enhancement or a Top Speed Increase is not known - by me.

Rodger & Gabby


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