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Default Re: Love those Saturns!

Originally Posted by cam View Post
I take my VUE to a Chevy dealer for service that also use to own and run the local Saturn dealership across the street. Every time the sales people ask me if I'm interested in purchasing a new car, I ask them if they sell new Saturns? And every time I say that, they say that the Saturn folks really do love their cars!!!
After all how many cars can look as good as the Saturns after several years and especially up here with the cold winters, salt and crap that they throw on the roads? Yep...I'll keep mine as long as I can unless someone comes out with another affordable rust and dent resistant vehicle!
This was one of the main reasons that I bought mine. That and it is nondescript so I don't worry about anyone wanting to break into it or steal it so I don't have any anxieties wherever I park it. The most important reason though is it is one of the few SUV's that offered a manual transmission.
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