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Default Re: Battery Brain: product to prevent battery drain

Originally Posted by davesaturn View Post
did you just call me a "name caller"?! You're a name calling name caller! Grrr!

being a CERTIFIED car Tech guy/person, you know everything EXCEPT for those things you don't know. you extrapolate passed on prejudice and self serving desire for people to break their car to make you money. I trust dealers like I trust governments. Dealers are whores who live in glass showrooms.

At the least: BB is redundant protection for the battery. Redundant protection is redundant except when it suddenly isn't. That's the point. The BB also provides that nifty key fob to disconnect the battery. Triple cools-ville!

the manufacturer also has something called "THE DEVISOLATOR". Do you have THE DEVISOLATOR? Who couldn't use a DEVISOLATOR? DEVISOLATATION is the key to being a happy car owner.
You started off showing your ignorance by mentioning a 1996 Ion, which never existed. Can't be a typo because the Ions didn't start production models until 2003. After that, how would you expect anyone to take anything else out of you serioulsly?


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