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2004 ION Red Line
Default Re: Battery Brain: product to prevent battery drain

Actually the Ion already has rundown protection as do most, if not all, recent GMs. Not a bad device for older cars though. Beats having to open the hood or trunk to get to a manual switch. Considering that it includes a remote and a switch that must handle hundreds of amps the price isn't that bad. I might actually consider one of those for my Fiat Spyder. The battery is in the trunk which requires a key to open. If you can disconnect and connect the battery with the remote it's effectively an anti-theft. The remote could also be a rolling code like garage door openers virturally eliminating any concern with other people disabling your car.

As for the vise grips, I learned long ago never to use a wrench long enough to reach both battery posts at the same time. If it slips you're in for a heart-stopping experience. Remove the negative first, then shorting the postive to the car won't even hurt.


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