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Roll Eyes Re: Goodbye Saturn: Thanks for the Ride (1985-2010)

We bought a 2001 Saturn SC1 three door coupe new in 2001. She currently has almost 178,000 mile on her. So far the only repairs I've had to make to the care besides routine upkeep was replacing the cooling fan motors for the radiator (2008) and a new starter (2010). Our little wonder still gets between 35-39 mpg. I've had GM/Saturn mechanics try and buy the car from me at least five different times in the last four years.

GM ought to be ashamed of the way they tossed this car line, keeping such wonders as Buick.

If GM would have left Saturn alone and kept with the original concept of "here is the car, this is how much it will be" and didn't sell out that concept, along with rebranding Opals, we wouls all still have our beloved Saturns.

The last car we purchased new was a 2004 Saturn Vue V6 AWD with the Honda engine. It is a wonderful car, lots of kick and will rip through the snow almost as good as our SC1 (AMAZING snow car!!!) I personally will never own a GM product again. Period. They have lost another loyal customer do to their sheer stupidity and greed.

Cheers to you Saturn and all of us who love you.

We will miss you old friend.....


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