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Originally posted by Nowhere Man
I think you're on to something here. When my belt tensioner went out, I thought my car was pininging but the noise appeared to be comming from around the belt area. I took a flashlight and shone it on the belt tensioner. Sure enough it was vibrating with the noise, so that was it.

I just replaced the tensioner pulley and the idler pulley, and that cured my problem.

I would have never guessed/ Sounded almost like a valve tap to me at first... Until I poked under the hood...then seemed to come from PowerSteering pump...

BTW... on my 95 SC2, it was a royal pain in the *****.... I am not new to working on cars...there was zero room to work. I spent about 30 minutes just getting the bolt back in/on the idler pulley!

If access to the parts wasn't an issue, this would have taken perhaps 10 minutes. It tool almost 2 hours!

Next time I am taking the upper motor mount off to get room. BTW, I did jack vehicle up, removed tire and wheel well....still no room to work.


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