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I have a '94 SL2 and I'm having the exact same problem. Still not convinced it is not the yalves but when I remove the oil cap, they volume does not increase as I would have thought it would. The noise sometimes comes and goes but when it is not rattling and I put load on the alternator, the noise seems to re-appear so I'm thinking it may be alternator related. But the load could also make one of the other belt-related items get noisy as well. I'm going to pull the belt off tomorrow and run the car to see if the noise disappears. I'm also going to pull the valve cover and check the cams, lifters and oil supply to those parts.

How loud is your rattling? Mine is very loud, almost deafening but my car also has 452,000 kms so it could be anything. I'll post a reply with what I find.


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