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Originally posted by Zuul24
My 94 SL-2 that I used to have had the option that when you unlock the drivers door with the key, if you turn it back and then turn it to unlock again, all the doors unlocked.
This feature was added to Saturns with power door locks in the 1994 model year. I think this and the conversion from R-12 to R-134a in the AC system were the only changes for the 1994 model year. Maybe a color change too. Wasn't 1994 the year the Saturn coupes came with light blue? (I need to check my 1994 brochure!)

I think for the 1996 model year Saturns with power door locks were given remote keyless entry too, so probably the "second twist of the door key to unlock the other doors" feature went away. Well, perhaps it is better to say that the feature got replaced with a second "click" on the remote keyless tranmitter button!

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