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Directly from the Saturn Service manual.

Fuel Cap

The fuel cap seals the inlet end of the fuel filler pipe and prevents the escape of fuel liquid and vapor. It is tethered to the fuel door on the vehicle body to prevent loss. The cap requires a 1/4 turn (plus an additional 1/4 turn to activate at least 3 "clicks" of the ratcheting top feature) to engage the filler pipe neck during installation.

The cap also incorporates a spring-loaded, free-spin feature (about 150 degrees) noted during removal.

The cap is vented to the atmosphere in both the positive and negative (vacuum) pressure modes to prevent build-up of excessive pressure in the system. The cap is designed to vent at a positive pressure of about 2 psi (60 in H2O) and negative pressure (vacuum) of about 1 psi (26 in H2O).


It sounds like your EVAP system AND cap both failed.


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