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Default How to: Easialy resize photos for upload to Saturnfans. (iOS only)

I know this really isn't the right form to be posting this in, but I want to help fight the spam posts with a new thread. The S-Series form is probably the most visited anyway.

If you have tried to attach an unmodified image to a post before, you have probably gotten an error saying it can't be uploaded. Saturnfans only allows images with a max width of 1280 pixels to be uploaded as an attachment. There are various apps you can download to resize images but with this method I'm going to use Apple's Shortcuts app. Its by far the easiest as it only takes 3 taps once everything is set up.

To start off you need an iPhone or iPad on iOS 11 or later.
Open this link you your device to download the shortcut.

After tapping "Get Shortcut", it will open the Shortcuts app or prompt you to download it if you don't already have it. Tap "Get Shortcut" again followed by tapping "Done" in the top right.

You now have the shortcut on your phone that can be used to resize any image to a Saturnfans friendly resolution.

To actually resize an image, go into the photos app and select the image you want to resize and tap the share icon on the bottom left.

If you dont see the "Shortcuts" option, scroll over to more and make sure its on.

Once you have it enabled, select Share -> Shortcuts -> Saturnfans Resize
The first time you use it, it will warn you that it is a shortcut downloaded from the internet. Just tap "Run"

It will then automatically resize and save the image for you. You can also select multiple images and have them all resized at the same time if you have multiple to post.

I've been using this myself for a few months now. Hopefully some other members here can get some use out of it.

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