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Default Re: 365,000 plus just died

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
1-engine or xmission whine?

2-black smoke can be associated with rich fuel running but what are the chances of well worn injectors allowing more fuel or a well worn fuel pump still supplying operating pressures to create a rich running condition?

3-pressing the gas pedal down further for starting can be interpreted in two different ways, lean fuel mixtures or possibly richening fuel to startup. Every EFI system has one undeniable startup characteristic - the ability to startup in hot summer or freezing winter without touching the gas pedal. Once the gas pedal is needed to startup, something's wrong.

With 365k miles and no mention of maintenance done over the years, guessing is all anyone can do here.

4-what's fuel pressure?

5-spark plugs replaced at recommended intervals?

6-fuel filter replaced every 100k miles?

7-is this car still on its original exhaust system? If original, there may be a possibility of the catcon disintegrating internally, blocking off exhaust flow and creating the equivalent of engine constipation by severely restricting exhaust flow to prevent normal engine running. The simplest test for a blocked exhaust system; remove the upstream exhaust manifold mounted O2 sensor to allow an alternate exhaust hole and startup.

I don't think this is a timing chain issue.
Yes called my mechanic today to see the status. Needless to say they haven't tried very hard. I am short of calling them idiots. They looked at the mileage and passed on any real diagnosis. They haven't even tried looking for any codes. Looks like I will be figuring this out and fixing it myself like I always have over the years. To answer your question:
1) It was an engine whine, at first thought it sounded like a gear low on oil, (I know that was not the issue but I am describing the sound)
2) The injectors have never been replaced. With blowing the nylon fuel lines several times and hard venting when opening the gas tank, Im thinking its fuel pressure related.
3) Have to press the gas pedle to the floor only when the car starts blowing black smoke
4) Fuel pressure was not tested by mechanics but was tested by me last summer and it was within the norm (34 or so PSI) Im leaning toward bad fuel regulator possibly.
5) regular maintenance has been performed on the car and the spark plugs have been replaced every 36k
6) Fuel filter replaced more than 100k, was replaced 6 months ago when the fuel filter line ruptured.
7) Yes still has the original exhaust system, minus several mufflers.

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