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Default 365,000 plus just died

My 365,000 plus mile 95 SL1 just left me stranded on the side of the road. Starting a high pitch gear whine coming from the engine under acceleration on the inner state at about 75MPH. Started losing power to the point I was crowing at 40MPH among the other cars so I hit the shoulder. The engine was coughing a bit and as the RPMS went down, it died and check engine light came on. Would not start up until you put the gas peddle to the floor, then it would fire up and blow black smoke like a coal burner. Had it towed, sat over night and started right up without issues, then it started running rough again and blowing black smoke. Previously I had the fuel line rupture twice in a couple of years so I thought this was fuel related. I am busy with work so I couldn't trouble shoot it all the way and took it to a mechanic. Hes not sure either but tossed out that it might have been a timing chain. Any thoughts? First time it left me stranded since I bought it new.

1995 Saturn SL1 Owned since new
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2000 L Series Owned since new
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