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Heart Re: Cylinder 3 misfire & Fuel in Oil

Sooo, haha, I hadn't even thought about any of that. That's why I'm here though. My mechanic is my best girlfriend and her brother. She has been my go-to for the last year. She is mechanically inclined where I am not, and we've been watching videos and asking questions and going from the. Definitely to an extent trial and error but so far it's been working. I've been relaying the information you good people have been giving me over to her. I have the tools and I go on a scavenger hunt of sorts every time we do repairs to find the most inexpensive but still reasonably decent part. She's the mechanic; I'm the tool *****. LOL Well only to an extent.
What I would love, (which feels like I'm asking for way too much) would be a plan. I think this is way more than I should ask for and if nobody answers, I would totally understand....but if you don't ask, you'll never know right? I don't need totally detailed or minute, but if anyone would be willing to kind of map out how to go about this from here, I would be eternally grateful. Which I already am! But I hadn't even considered that the cat. converter might not need replaced. Though there is a hole in the exhaust....don't remember the name of the section (?) but its towards the front of the car maybe 3-4 ft from the bumper. Just realized I hadn't mentioned that.... Remember, NOVICE!But again least expensive route, 1st goal to get that check engine light off and pass emissions, 2nd goal, of course, to keep Lolly going a little while longer. Sorry for the book here. I so appreciate all the time even just reading this guys. You have no idea. Oh and I am going to be using a used head. I know its a chance but my budget is non-existent. Junk yards are charging about $70 from what I've seen. So thoughts on that and whatever i need with it would also be much appreciated. Thank you!

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