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Default Re: Cylinder 3 misfire & Fuel in Oil

Since you are on a tight money and time budget, the mechanic you use is going to be crucial to success here. "Success" meaning getting it ready to pass the smog check in time.

What is the plan, is the head going to be pulled for evaluation before deciding what corrective action is needed? Is the mechanic open-to and capable of changing out the bad valve, or will the head be sent out for rebuild? Or, will it be replaced with a rebuilt or (gasp!) used head?

Do you have a contingency plan if the head is removed and there appears to be some damage to the block assembly? That is not likely, but could be a real "gotcha". A warped deck surface or cracked piston or big gouges in a cylinder wall could turn this into a longer and more expensive project than anticipated.

Depending on what you plan for the head, I would not buy a bunch of parts ahead of time. Denver is a major city, most parts should be available "next day" or even in stock locally. The exception being the head, if an already-rebuilt one is going to be used.

The cat, especially, I would wait on. Time to change that out is minimal. Get the engine repaired and see if a new cat is even going to be necessary.


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