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Default Re: question about daytime running lights

My car is 2000 SW...

>> If the IgSW is Not in ON/'run' position, the DRL is off. DRL works when engine not running (or when engine runs). DRL off when IgSW is in ACC or off.

>> It (DRL) responds to park brake lever by extinguishing when brake is ON,
as indicated by IP indicator. Brake Off = DRL On.

>> It (DRL) responds to gearshift. My car is AT {TAAT} :
When shift selector in 'Park', DRL is OFF. When shift into R, N or D, DRL is ON.
My car 'sat' (driven rarely) 2 years on a used car lot... this messes with the electrics. When i move the shift selector, the DRL indicator varies in brightness. For some months i thought the DRLs were not working, but they might have been (they work consistently now).

>> It (DRL) responds to position of Lighting SW on the steering column:
DRL extinguishes when headlamps illuminate. If the 'bright' headlight is selected, the DRL extinguishes when the (blue) IP indicator illuminates. Thus, DRL is ON when lights are Off, and when parking lamps are on, but not with headlights on.
If DRL not working, check all fuses involved ... remove & reseat each fuse.
Then, remove & reseat the DRL relay shown in schematic posted by FDryer.

Dunno where you drive... but if in rust-prone area, the lighting grounds are a possible source of intermittency.

My understanding is the DRL relay connects the two highbeam filaments in Series for dim daylight operations; else the headlamps are driven by lighting SW in Parallel (at full brightness).

good hunting...


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