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Default Re: 2007 Vue rear washer works, but not front washer.

So this is what I found. At the bottom of the reservoir, there is a grommet that the pump fits into.
In most instances there is a filter there, but there wasn't one on my Vue.
So I suspect the nozzles didn't fail, as much as they were just clogged.

I put the new pump in the car, and realized there was a split section in the hose right on the fender edge in front of the washer reservoir. So you can pull that apart.
Which means I could have just unplugged that, and if the coolant came out of that point, it would mean the pump was good.
I put a new pump in it anyway, along with new nozzles.

I don't mind having put a new pump on it though, i'm in N.E. Ohio and winters are tough here. Good to have some insurance that the pump will hold up. It's an ACDelco, and it was only 20 bucks.


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