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Originally Posted by Cavell View Post
Kid had abs light for driver rear bearing. And noisy pass rear bearing. Grr. Ordered 2 bearings online on 10/22 at noon. Were delivered on 10/24 and started repair at 430pm. Done at 610 pm. Cleared code and no light. Woohoo.
Good thing I found this thread as I'm like 99% sure that is the noise coming from the rear of my 2004.

Questions I have:

I need to cut cost so the less money I have to put into my truck, the better. That said, I don't think I want to use Chinese - I want some sufficient enough - this is under the premise that I am going to be keeping/driving this truck for hopefully another 5 years.

- What is the "BEST" brand I can get that will be expected to last forever, but not the most expensive? RockAUto shows this listing:,1636

- can I get away with doing only one rear wheel bearing? or is the procedure ALWAYS do both at the same time?

- how do I know if my Vue has rear ABS or not?


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