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Default Re: Secondary air injection system

Thanks. That answered the question. I am one of those folks that teaches those "skills", and designs and builds custom stuff from scratch. Engineer...., LOL.

On a parallel topic the P0410 code has been gone for ages. The not powering up of the air pump has not triggered its return, which I find curious, but the P0401 code refuses all attempts to fix it, short of the last suggestion of tanking the head. I had done everything else you and others suggested over the ages. They would work for a short while (hours to weeks) and then it would return.

I have not verified the brand of EGR I used, but it was not cheap, and it works. I even tested it with mt Snap-on scanner once.

I may start testing the motor and relay tomorrow while the nicer weather lasts.

Thanks again.

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
Although I'm not completely familiar with the air injection reaction system, the air pump runs for less than a few minutes on cold engine starts so the extra air pumped into the exhaust system helps the O2 sensor and/or the catcon heat up sooner. This tells me the blower should last beyond the average life cycle of the car. It isn't run anywhere near as long as the hvac blower motor left on all the time in some cars. The air pump motor isn't serviceable by GM standards, no different from GM never rebuilding starters or blower motors. Dealers replace with new oem parts. This doesn't stop starter rebuilds from creating a low cost replacement solution or with imported parts, brand new ones at far lower cost then oem and have proven to last several years witout issues.

The air pump isn't considered rebuildable unless an individual has some skills and familiarity with dc motors and can disassemble one to explore what's worn and deal with whether or not parts are available. Remember, the air pump isn't repaired, just replaced so if you decide on a tear down, you'd better consider where a source of parts are. This is outside the box thinking when attempting repairs on anything not considered repairable.


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