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Default Re: Right side head lights dim.

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
I'm not near service manuals for posting and going on memory but if I'm not mistaken, there are two wiring schematics, one for manually turning on headlights and the daytime running lights using a complicated wiring scheme. The drl circuit may affect manual lighting but not the other way. Drl uses a relay downstream from fuse(s), controlled by the bcm. Check all headlight fuses for looseness, drl relay and wiring in general. I'm not sure if your '01 SL2 uses parking or high beams for daytime running lights and complicates where to check. Some GM drl circuits use a combination of serial and parallel wiring along with adding a resistor in other drl circuits.

If this problem exists only in drl or manual lighting mode, the problem can be narrowed down. There may be wiring diagrams posted in other threads and you can use circuits from 2000 and up.
Fuses checked and relay replaced. These were my first thoughts. Only the right side is affected. Haven't seen a wire schematic. Wondering if circuit is split Left and Right in the headlight switch? There isn't any indication in the (PDM) power distribution module. Stumped non the less.


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