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2007 VUE 3.5L
Default '07 Int lites and locks wacky

So my 2007 Vue (V6) door locks and interior lights started getting wacky back in Aug 2018 while on vacation. Battery went dead a couple times over night. The horn would honk in the night as the alarm system activated by itself. I pulled the horn fuse out.

It happened 2-3x... then all was OK. Then in Feb 2019, randomly, the interior lights would stay on, not work, come on while driving, etc. Then the door locks began opening or closing while driving, not locking, etc etc.
A ghost in the machine !!!

I think the door locks going on / off all night ran the battery down. Maybe the lights flashed from alarm, but no horn from fuse removal.

I got a new battery in Dec 2018.

I read all I could find about this problem, learned that the BCM may be going bad, that there is an "updated" version available, that it was located behind the radio, that it would have to be programed by the dealer (Chev in my town), and that the swap would cost about $1000.

The dealer will not warranty the part or job if "I" provide the BCM.

Aaarrrggg !!!

So.....the other day I was waiting for someone, and put the key in the ACC position to listen to the radio. The door was closed. The chime was beeping away, and would not stop unless I pulled the key out.

I started playing with the driver's door jam switch.

That switch tells the BCM if the door is open or closed. AH HA....

A clue !! The BCM thinks the door is open (or closed) when it NOT.

It doesn't know what to do with the locks or lights or alarm.

Thus random wackiness !!!

I got the lights and locks and alram and chime to work properly.

It worked fine....for a while...then back to the problems. Switch acting up.

I played with it again, and all is well.

I ordered a new door jam switch ($10), and will put it in tomorrow.

If the problems persist, I will update this thread.


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