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Location: Pacifica by San Francisco 5sp Engine rebuild with the help of people here at 177K due to 500mi/qt oil consumption. After 2yrs I am back to 40mpg+ after discovering the refirb head I used was bad. Car runs better than a top. Now at 214k.
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Default Re: Rocker arm click

Well, in terms of how loud it is...

I only backed out the garage to park the car across the street. It was loud enough for the neighbor to notice and say I needed to get some oil into the engine.

When I first started the car, the clacking sound was startling loud to me because I know what it is supposed to normally sound like. But after 5-10 minutes running the sound was notably muted but definitely still there. I only ran the car until the temp hit the 1/4 mark on the temp guage before shutting down to recheck the oil again.

But OK... after work I will run it up and down the freeway to cruising operating temperature. Hopefully it goes away.

Glad 191 got some value out of my rebuild thread. One thing I wish I could go back to add was to highlight that when re-mounting the generator when the motor is out of the car is to make sure the long pivot bolt is inserted into the side opposite from the frame. A year ago my generator went out on me and I ended up having to cut out the bolt. After the engine is dropped into the frame you cant slide the bolt out if it is inserted from the frame side. Cost me a trip to the bone yard for a bolt with all of the time you waste along the way.


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