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Default Re: ABS Light on but no OBDII Codes found

I had an abs light on my van touchy after we bought it. The abs malfunctioning (light on) disables traction control and possibly cruise control, also. That button disables tcs, not enable.

Do you have a bad wheel bearing? I've had this happen on gm vehicles and disable abs because the damage extended into the elucidate wheel. On my van, we were able to read the codes with the reader at advance auto and it pointed out what wheel was the problem. Then you just have to determine if the wiring is bad, or in my case the wheel bearing was bad.

The abs choose will tell you what circuit is bad, if ions are 3 channel you would only get a channel 3 error for the whole back. In either case, you remove the suspected wheel(s) and disconnect the connector. Measure the sensor for an open. If it's not open, spin the hub and measure for voltage. It's a slight voltage, but it should be there and constant with constant wheel speed, not jumping around. If this isn't the problem, then you need to look into the wiring.

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