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2007 ION-3 Sedan
Post Re: 1993 gray and sliver SL2 5-speed with 213,000 miles, needs work, any interest?

This engine (or engine plus transmission) are perfect for anyone with a bad DOHC engine, for anyone wanting a spare 1993 DOHC engine, for anyone with the SOHC engine wanting to upgrade to the DOHC engine, and so on. The temperature gauge quickly moved up to the exact halfway point when the car was driven. It has never overheated.

Omitting oil and oil filter changes, coolant changes, wheel rotations, etc. here are the parts replaced on my car during the last 50,000 miles:
  • 168,302: water pump
  • 172,409: AC compressor, dryer, expansion valve, suction hose, discharge hose
  • 172,409: radiator, dogbone motor mount with polyurethane bushing inserts (Prothane)
  • 178,060: outer tie rod ends replaced, alignment
  • 187,232: exhaust system (Dynomax SuperTurbo muffler, Thrush glasspack resonator, 2.25 pipe, welded not clamped)
  • 190,041: fuel filter
  • 193,704: spark plugs (NGK V-Power 6953)
  • 195,393: thermostat (OEM)
  • 200,973: catalytic converter replaced with straight pipe, welded not clamped
  • 208,099: 4 brake rotors (Wearever), front brake pads (Wearever Gold Ceramic), rear brake pads (Bendix)
  • 209,963: Dynomax SuperTurbo muffler, welded not clamped

∙ 2004 VUE 124K
∙ 2007 ION3 112K
∙ 1993 SL2 212K
∙ 1993 SC2 140K
∙ 1996 SC2 157K
∙ 1996 SC2 126K
∙ 2001 SC2, 145K
∙ 2002 L200 20K
∙ 2002 SL1 129K


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