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Default Re: Lowering Ideas? Cut springs?

Originally Posted by billysvue View Post
I think you misspoke. The only thing that will increase the spring rate
( stiffness) is new springs- that have an increased spring rate.

It's the same as saying that if you put a high pressure nozzle on a water hose it increases the water pressure- which is false( the velocity is increased).
The springs will bottom quicker which will feel more bumpy or 'stiffer' as you call it, but the springs are just shorter- that's all.
Nope, no misspeak. It is kind of hard to completely explain without a model. Comparing a spring to a hose is not a reasonable comparison.

I tried to explain this here but ended up with it getting a bit too wordy and requiring of a physical model, the site below does a good job.

Feel free to search further, but you'll find that the information on spring rate increase is true, even if a bit counter to normal logic.


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