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1996 SC1
1996 SC1
Default Re: Lowering Ideas? Cut springs?

As you can see I also have a big gap between the top of the tire and the fender opening. I'm going to cut the springs on my Sportsman class 1996 SC-1 but since the only turns it ever makes are onto the return road from the end of the 1/4 mile and never goes any more than 5 MPH from the pits to the starting line it's not going to be a problem for me and might even help my ET and MPH by cutting down on the airflow(drag) under the car. It would be a totally different story if the car was still on the street - no way would I do it then. All the advice you've gotten in this thread is for your own good. Cut coils on a street car is just asking for trouble especially if the roads in your area are not in the best shape.

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