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Default Re: Lowering Ideas? Cut springs?

Originally Posted by cloud819 View Post
Going that low on cut stock Saturn springs would be dumb. You really need a full adjustable coilover set and a lot of camber control to attempt it and even then you'd have a car that can't handle.

I've had my car that low for a few weeks on coilovers and while looking pretty cool the car sucked.

After that the suspension arm changes from down stream to the wheel to upstream to the wheel (as seem from the chassis), our cars start doing stupid things.

The other side of things is to run a bit more tire. it can suck up some of that gap, then take up a bit more with either a small spring cut or a good set of springs.
I'm not worried too much about handling because its not a track car, if my car was that low i wouldn't be going fast period because of bumps in the road and what not, let alone take a corner at a high speed. I'm really just going for the aesthetic look. I just don't want to be in that situation that if i did cut them, it would cost me more money than just leaving it how it is now. Because i can get them cut for cheap, or free but if other suspension parts can't handle it and make it worse then i'd be in bad shape compared to if i just didnt do it at all

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