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Default Re: Lowering Ideas? Cut springs?

Sure you can cut springs. There are lots of things to keep in mind though.

Length is not the only thing you are changing, as you make it shorter it is getting stiffer. This is a good thing in many ways, but you will have to be able to control that stiffer rate. Are your struts up to the task? How much more rate will that be able to take?

You also need to watch the cutting method. Heating up the metal is a big no no. It changes the spring's properties. So you can't cut with a torch. You need to have control of the springs temperature, you can probably make it happen with an angle grinder. But you need to take measures to not heat the spring while cutting it. Wrapping it in a wet cold towel could work

Going too short will mean the spring is only held in a compressed state on the strut. It will fully unload and you will have done yourself no favors.

Also watch that overdrop. dropping the car more than an inch or so will introduce some interesting issue with your alignment under compression. These car don't drop like a Civic and you'll end up with a car that turns in ok, but holds far less Gs. Really cutting one coil is probably all you should attempt as any more will probably be hurting you rather then helping.

Lastly comparing the Honda and Saturn suspension isn't going to give you any idea of what the Saturn will be like.Most Civic generation run very different suspension designs, with mute harshness and have great camber control. Saturns do neither. Doing agrssive changes will lead to a far greater attitude change than with a double wishbone Honda. It is realy easy to make a horrible, hard riding riding Saturn that can't handle worth crap.

Understand that although I give this advice, I'd just scrounge up the money to buy some springs. In going cheap you will be doing a decent amount of work to end up with a less good product. A good set of used springs shouldn't cost you more than $100 + shipping and chances are you need new struts as well.

Cutting your springs is a cheap way to do a lot of work and there is a high likelihood you'll see minimal results, only to have to come back later and do it right. I'd say stay on the standard length stock springs and save up some cash. If you have trouble finding used springs ask here. I know I have 2 sets of springs (ST and H&R Race) I could be talked out of for a decent price. One pairs it a great street spring and the other is an amazing race spring, just really rough on dampers. I even have have a set of good GR-2s and a good set of low mile stock struts squirreled away. And or the right money I'd sell my Agility Coilovers.


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