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Default Re: Lowering Ideas? Cut springs?

How much drop are you looking to do?

If you want to lower on a budget try searching out a set of Sprint Extreme lowering springs. They were one of the least expensive lowering springs that were available and had more drop than most of the aftermarket lowering springs at about 2.5". Here is a new set for $199 as an example

With a little luck, you may find a used set a lot cheaper.

There is a set of H&R springs on eBay right now for $186. They lower about 1.4"

I have never cut springs, I chose a set of Eibach's when I did mine. I would check all your suspension bushings for wear before hand. Front hubs will take more stress and axles may shimmy a bit if you go extreme. Don't trim the bump stops too short or they won't be very effective. Also your struts will wear faster as the spring rate changes from the reduced length. Unbalanced spring rates in all four corners can affect drive ability and handling in odd ways.


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