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Originally Posted by Signmaster View Post
+ 5 for leaving it stock until you run it some.

Every car has different handling characteristics, so what works well on car A or B might not work well on car C to begin with. Beyond that, driving style and preference plays a big role.

For years I hated understeer... on anything. Cars, bicycles, motorcycles, off roaders... all of them. But as front wheel drive became more common I learned that with many FWD cars it's easier to manage than a FWD car that is tail happy. It was a matter of adapting what I liked and was used to.

FWDs that oversteer is having your cake and eating it too. An oversteerring FWD is a beautiful thing and it can make you look like a superhero. The power input and steering with the gas works in a way that is just more controllable. Throttle off, Rear slides. Throttle on, Rear grips.

Oversteering RWDs get spooky. They are more fun, but no faster (with comparable cars) and more of a balancing act. More power can settle the rear down, or make it slide more depending on any number of factors.


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