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Default Re: suspension

To clear up some bar discussion. The rule of thumb is stiffen the end you want to slip, soften the end you want to stick.

Really it is a differential game.

If you want the rear to step out you can dial in more positive camber, run more toe out, uprate the rear springs, go with a stiffer rear bar or increase the rear tire pressures...

Or you can do the exact opposite to the opposite end.

So by running a softer front bar you are basicly doing the same thing as running a bigger rear bar.

But you have to be careful with just jumping into this setup as On a suspension that is too soft you will be generating too little wheel rate, positive camber will dial in, and the whole car will roll too much and the car won't hold a corner; Depending on your tires being able to generate enough force to compress the suspension.


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