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2008 Astra XE
Default Re: Looking to buy an Astra

So I've had the Astra for a week now, and am quite pleased with the purchase. I've put on 400km's, and just topped up the tank tonight with a modest 34L of regular at a price of $43... that's a far cry better than the 50L of premium fuel my GTP would have swallowed to the tune of $70... can't complain with a fuel savings like that!

Tonight I checked my fluids and was irritated to find that they seem to have overfilled the engine oil and transmission fluid when they did the service before I picked it up. I'll be dealing with that myself rather than having them work on it again; can't say I trust a service department who can't verify their own work. When I pull the drain plug on the transmission, should I expect about half of the 4.2L capacity to come out? I'll be using Mobil 3309.

When I deal with that issue, I think I will also do the plugs while I'm under the hood, local stores only seem to carry the gimmicky plugs that I don't care to spend the money on. I also don't want to get ripped off for OEM's, but it's hard to get part numbers for anything in the local stores. Which aftermarket plugs work well and are reasonably priced? I'd like to stick with copper plugs and just change them at their planned interval.

Got some quotes for the timing belt job and it's not a cheap job, local dealer quoted over $1000 for it, the shop I usually go to quoted me $850. Better safe than sorry with this though so I'll be getting it done soon.

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