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Default Re: Headlight Switch Wiring Layout

Originally Posted by Astra La Vista! View Post
...Can you find a Grey w/ Blue wire at the back of the headlight switch and test it? This one should feed power to the rear fusebox, which then in turn sends a signal to the engine bay fuse box to feed a constant 12V signal to either bulb...Don't you just love modern automobile electronics?
I will grab the multimeter and check it out!
What I'm currently thinking of doing is to find a small low rated switch (1cm diameter, 2cm depth) and mount inside the switch box under the rear fog button. Connecting that switch to a 12v ignition source, then running a wire along the driver's side of the car and connecting it to a relay in the back fuse box area. I will then use that battery feed(?) at the fuse box to supply the power to the fog lights.
If I can find an appropriately small switch, everything should work.
I may just end up pulling the 12v from the fan controller if I can find one to do the job on the headlight switch assembly.
Pictured: the "battery feed" in the rear fuse box. Am I completely mistaken or is that what this is? I can't imagine wiring that thick being used for anything else. I tested it with the multimeter and it seemed okay.
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