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2008 Astra XR
Default Re: Looking to buy an Astra

but the only thing holding me back on the Astra is hearing rumblings online of coolant leaks into the transmissions,...Is it really that common for these cars to have their transmissions fail? Some sites really spread the fear.
Remember we only got it for 2 years and the problem with the trans was discovered part way through the production run of the first year. Most have already been repaired by now I would guess. The UK guys got many more years with the problem before it was discovered so they are rightly pissed that their trans were failing big time.

So if the one you buy falls into the VIN cutoffs for the radiator problem definitely have it checked out to make sure it got the updated radiator (should show on the dealers records as a recall fix). If it does not fall into those VIN cutoffs then it got the good radiator and your trans should be safe from that problem. It is however subject to many other things that can kill off an automatic transmission, but we all take that risk.

And tell the seller you have to do the Timing belt soon so take 1k off the price, make it a negotiation point. Add up all the other maintenance that is due as well that they cannot prove was done and get it for a good deal!

Either car sounds like it will be a good fit though.

Good Luck!


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