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Default 04 Vue is making weird noises that I can't figure out

My Vue V6 AWD is making 3 weird noises. I brought it to a local garage to pinpoint the location and was unsuccessful. I am hoping someone on here can help me out.

1st problem:

When I go to start the vehicle. I turn the key and it cranks like it should. As the starting cycle is almost complete, there is a abnormal rubbing/grinding noise. Sounds like it could be the starter, but I thought starter problems are experienced as you start to turn the key in the ignition?

2nd problem:

When I am braking, there is a noticeable rubbing noise that occurs. I checked and it is not low brake pad level. The is sensitive to braking pressure. So it is frequent and infrequent, depending how hard I push the pedal. Also when I go over a pothole or bump in road this same rubbing noise occurs.

3rd problem:

All the time when I am driving, there seems to be this noice that I describe as sounding like a "cricket". It is coming from the back and is really annoying. I first thought I fixed it when thought the inner lift gate panel was loose and pushed it back in. The mechanic thought it was a bad universal joint. They put grease in it, but it continues to occur.

Has anyone experienced any of these problems? Any help would be much appreciated



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