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Default Re: Relay DVD Problems

Originally Posted by justvisiting View Post
This thread relates to my question. This is my first exposure to a vehicle with DVD. I've done some basic tinkering and I have not found an answer in the manual.

I want to know how to operate the radio / cd separate from the DVD either through front / rear speaker chanels or speakers / headphone chanels. What are the capabilities of the stock radio here and how is it done?
LOL...well, it's been 8 years since my post above - do I even remember this answer?!?!?!?!?!?

When your rear passengers are watching DVD's (I assume they are using headphones), you should have full control over your radio up front, free to listen to AM/FM/XM or CD. Or if you want, you can listen to the DVD sound over the speakers too. If a DVD is playing, and you are not listening to it over the vehicle speakers (i.e. you are listing to AM/FM/XM or CD), I believe the rear speakers turn off.

Nice to read the owner's manual again after all these years!

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