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2003 ION-3 Sedan
Default Re: Battery died now car wont start

I'm thinking year 4 on my Second Battery. Been working good... with a recent cold snap (Single Digits F for a few days) it's early morning starts have a been a little "Grumpy" but still strong. Usually it's been the -7F to -15F (or lower!) where I shouldn't be afraid to give the Starter a few moments (Holding the Key in Start vs the usual "flick" and go.)

Personally I also prefer jumping from my Trunk too. But have Charged/Jumped via the Hood too. I just hate having to get a good Ground on the Engine Block.

I carry good Jump Cables but I also do tend to carry a "Cheap" Jumper/Booster Pack which as previously mentioned doesn't really do much for a "Deader then Dead" Battery... but for the Weak one (assuming the Booster Pack makes a good connection... again as mentioned... look for quality folks in construction/materials. My current Pack has very limited contact points so if it's not "just right" you can fail to jump... but another nice thing is it does have a "Connection Indicator" so as long as you look for that you will know when it's "just right". Then of course hope the Pack is charged up enough to be any good.)

I also don't mind "topping" off my Batteries on occasion with a "Smart" Battery Charger it tends to let me know if there is anything I should keep an eye out for or if it needs an expert's eyes.


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