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Default Re: car wont start. battery?

The best way to figure out the problem is to diagnose one part at a time to find the issue. If you can hear the engine cranking, and it sounds like it did before you had the starting problems, then you know that the battery is working fine and that the starter is also. If you do not even hear cranking when you try to start the engine then there is something wrong with the starter or something preventing electricity from getting to it. If this is the case and you have a manual transmission, you can try bump starting it and if you can get it to start, this means that your starter is bad. Once you know the engine is cranking, move to the next step, which would be seeing if the engine is getting fuel. The first place to look would be the fuel pump.

An easy way to tell if your fuel pump is actually running is to simply turn the key to run without starting the car and to get out of it and take off the gas cap and put your head near the gas tank. If the fuel pump is running at all, you should be able to hear a distinct high pitched buzzing noise, even if it may be faint coming from the fuel tank area. If you don't hear anything, then there is a good chance that the fuel pump isn't on either because it is broken or there is an electrical problem and power is not getting to the pump. Also, they want $800 to replace the fuel pump!? Wow, DIY work is so much cheaper since most of that price goes to labor since they have to drop the fuel tank, which is a time-consuming task. Replacing the pump is as easy as pie once you can get to it, and it usually costs about $100 - $150.

If you can verify the functionality of the fuel pump, then the next step will be to see if the fuel is getting to the engine. Then you can move onto spark, timing, etc., until you find the problem.

One final note, the level of oil in the engine, unless it is some crazy consistency, or way too full, will have virtually no effect on the engine's ability to start.


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