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Default Re: Engine lack of power with DTCs P0011, P0014, P000A, P000B, P0012, P0015 or engine

My CEL had come on and off, for about a month leading up to last week. I also noticed that the car would stumble sometimes on acceleration, and the near stall, upon press the clutch near a dead stop. So last Friday the light had been on for a week, and I got OnStar to give me the code, which was P000A. Brought it in to the local GM dealer yesterday, and the tech did whatever as per the TSB (replaced cam shaft actuator filters or something, I don't have the work order handy). It was done under warranty, I still have the bumper to bumper, but I assume it would be covered under power-train warranty. It runs a lot smoother now, doesn't hesitate when accelerating through 2500 rpms, and doesn't stutter when I disengage the clutch. Fuel mileage "seems" to be a little better as well, but I'll need to give it more time to find that out for sure.

On a side note, the guy tried to sell me on throttle body cleaning. He tried to tell me that there were also codes stored related to that, and that it was required after 30,000kms, and mine had not been done yet. First of all my car only has 26,0000kms on it. $69 plus tax. I said thanks, but no thanks. He tried to tell me that the CEL might come back on as a result of my refusal. Sheesh. Everything at the dealer was a positive experience until they pulled that little stunt. Anything to make a buck I guess, but it really leaves a sour taste in my mouth. This was City Buick in Toronto, BTW.

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