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Originally posted by Jaseball

Hey! I was thinking about the cargo net thing. Does it work well with grocery bags and such and is it worth the $31? I may go pick up the only one they have in stock this afternoon.

Also a small correction on your keyless lock comment. Pushing the lock button once locks the doors and also arms the alarm. Pushing it again does offer a confirmation beep, but you don't need to push it twice for the alarm to set. Check out the 'armed,' light on the dash and the flashing ready delay after on button press vs. two with the beep.
As for the cargo net- It does work pretty well. Look in the trunk to see where the hooks are. They are on the left and right sides. That will give you a good idea of where they sit. The net spans that whole gap in the trunk.

The net is good for smaller objects. For instance, I put small tools in it, as well as a large Mag-Light. Anything larger might be too big. You can probably put things like ice scrapers in it too. It's pretty low-profile., and stays out of the way of normal things, like grocery bags. But I wouldn't plan on putting anything really big in the net. It was worth the extra convenience to me, for $33. But for some, it might seem like a waste.

I'm thinking of buying a few more things. Namely, the arm rest and the glove box lock.


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