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Originally posted by Jaseball
That dealer is misinformed for saying that about the Ion keyless. You hit the unlock button once it opens the drivers side only, that is true, but you hit it again and all doors on the car unlock.

I can't believe dealers know less about the cars they are selling than the customers. When I bought the Ion3 I knew more about the weight difference between the SL2, the engine, the Delta frame, prices compared to other cars, etc., than the sales person I dealt with, although the sales guy was nice enough.

Heck, it's their JOB to sell the cars in their line, so you would think they would know the details, especially if it is a feature you actually have on the car!
Jaseball is correct. Hitting unlock a second time unlocks all of the doors. Hitting the lock button once locks all of the doors. Hitting it a second time arms the alarm, and it responds with a honk.

It is indeed "true" keyless entry.

I'm not surprised at how little these salespeople know about the cars, actually. They are lazy and don't have the passion to research it. A guy at the Saturn dealership mentioned that the ION's all have fold down passenger seats, to which I replied "Only the Quad Coupe does that". It was then that he noticed that he was wrong, having documentation in front of him that said "Quad Coupe Only". This was after they offered me some sort of silly passenger-seat tray that goes on the back of QC passenger seat.

I still can't get over the trunk cargo net. I can't believe that I was the first person to buy one. I'm surprised that they don't stick a list of options in front of their customers. Then again, if I was some other guy that didn't know better, I'd assume that they were correct when they told me that they'de have to charge me $60 to install it because it required drilling and epoxy... Until I pointed out that the clips were there.

Shoot. The things are only $30. It's like they stick floor mats in every single car and call it a day. Those accessories have a high markup. Those people need to push them.


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