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Default Re: Coffee spilled in shifter console - '08 Outlook

I have had this complaint before and this bulletin showed exactly where to clean. Worked like new after. Labor is only .7 This bulletin has pictures but they wont transfer over. sorry I dont know why dealers cant ever find these bulletins.

#09-07-30-002: Console Mounted Shifter Control Binding or Noisy (Clean Transmission Control Assembly) - (Jan 7, 2009)

Subject: Console Mounted Shifter Control Binding or Noisy (Clean Transmission Control Assembly)

Models: 2008-2009 Buick Enclave

2007-2009 GMC Acadia

2007-2009 Saturn OUTLOOK

Some customers may comment about an intermittent squeaking noise coming from inside the automatic transmission control area and/or the lower console area. Customers may also comment that the shifter is difficult to operate. Inspection may reveal a sticky residue on the external surfaces of the automatic transmission control.

Investigation has determined that a beverage may have spilled on the console and worked its way into the shifter control assembly causing the moving components to bind and stick. The components within the assembly that are affected include the "rooster comb", detent spring and associated mechanisms.

Clean the sticky residue off of the external and/or internal shifter components.
Do Not Replace the shifter Automatic Control Base Assembly.
Use the Labor operation listed below.
Do Not Use Labor Operation K5224.

Important: Do not use any solvent based cleaning products as they may attack and compromise the integrity of the composite materials used in the control assembly.

Clean the external shifter control components including the shifter handle, bezel and the moving closeout panel using the cleaner listed below. Verify that the condition has been corrected. If the condition is not corrected, use the following steps.
Remove the left side console extension panel to access the automatic transmission control. Refer to Front Floor Console Extension Panel Replacement - Left Side in SI (1).
Protect the floor carpet panels on both sides of the console base with absorbent towels to prevent staining from the liquid cleaner used in the following steps (1).
Locate the stepped selector section and detent spring on the shifter assembly (Acadia, Enclave and OUTLOOK automatic transmission control shown (1)).
Clean the sticky residue from the surfaces of the stepped selector section and detent spring on the shifter assembly using the cleaner listed below. It may require the use of a small brush to loosen the residue. Keep the direct spray away from electrical components.
After thoroughly cleaning the components, wipe off the liquid with an absorbent towel.
A small amount of compressed air may be helpful to assist in drying the components and surrounding area. Use care not to spread the liquid on to adjacent interior components.
Verify the performance of the mechanical and electrical components after cleaning procedures.
Reinstall the components removed in step 1.
Thoroughly inspect the console base area and carpet for residue and clean as required.

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