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OPEC, I also can empathize with your position. I tried switching careers to sales in the early 90s and went to work for Circuit City, since electronics is a hobby of mine. Little did I know, to make money, you're really pushing those extended warranties (much like car sales, eh?). I did OK, considering I was green, but ended up getting fired unjustly (long story).

Then, went back into accounting, since I had to think about putting money away for retirement. I was at that job for 6 yrs., but found myself working 60-70 hr. weeks with no O/T. After I discovered that my boss would not back me up in getting a coworker of mine to put in a good 8 hr. day, I threw in the towel.

I've now been on a sabbatical for a while, blowing my non-retirement savings, but having a great time. Change can be a good thing, and I'm hoping to find work which I will look forward to going to, as well as make a decent living. I feel that success can be made as long as you love your career (although commission sales can be an exception).

I have a friend in Saturn sales, and he was also on top. Yet despite his talent, he had to switch dealerships to arrest the fall. There's definitely something wrong with the commission structure if you're a good closer, but have a hard time making a living! I agree with others here that you should look into the possibility of changing positions first, after all, who likes interviewing? If that won't work (it didn't work for my friend), good luck to both of us pounding the pavement <img src="" border="0">


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